Tuesday, March 14, 2017

From the fire back to the frying pan?

When I was coming back from Chaiyaphum town yesterday, my car thermometer read 42C all the way back until we got to the resort.  It then dropped a couple of degrees to 40C because we were getting a cool breeze off the lake.  That's typical Vegas weather for many months of the year, but for us, hopefully this spell of hot weather will go away in a few days.  Rain is expected before the weekend and is supposed to last until early next week. Rain always cools things down. I don't know how many of the locals without aircon can deal with the heat, but I guess that is why they wear parkas when the temperature drops to the high 60s.  

The plan is that we will leave for the mango later this morning.  We have some paperwork business to file with the local amphur office and then we will be on our way.  There are doctor's appointments to take care of in the mango, including a visit to the dentist for myself.  I will be needing a medical certificate and form to be completed for my heart surgery saying I have no active infections that will impact the procedure.  How long we stay is also fluid as it depends on any issues and social engagements we have upcountry.  I know we have to go back before the end of the month because the local Wat is doing a big charity event and raffle that we are helping to sponsor.  

Our return also indicates my confidence that the water tower project will be completed satisfactorily. The workers have the tank up on the tower and they will be enclosing the tank to keep the sun out and the water cool during the day.  The sun is so strong that the water from these tanks can very hot and possibly damage any sensitive plants we have.  Plus enclosing the tower adds years of life to the tank as its protected from the uv rays that destroys the plastic shell.  We have a 20 warranty on the tank.

Tank will be enclosed in metal siding material with roof

Hopefully, when I get back all the drip hoses will be installed and we can have a relaxing Songkran holiday despite the heat.  

If some of the photos don't seem as sharp as in the past, its because I am using some new technology to capture pictures for this blog.  Instead of a camera, I am using my smartphone which  then automatically uploads the photos to my cloud drive.  From there, I can leisurely download what I want from the cloud drive and not worry about setting up a USB connection from the camera to the PC, etc.  A good camera is always better than a smartphone when it comes to quality, but its a hassle to always carry a camera.  

More later as it almost time to get packing and something to eat before our trip to the mango.

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