Friday, March 3, 2017

Heading back to the mango for a few days

Leaving in a few minutes for the big mango.  Have some shopping to do, errands to run, and will meet up with a few friends, including Johnnie Walker who arrives today.  B doesn't want to take the trek down with me so I will be a free man for a couple of days.  

They delivered the tanks yesterday and so I think B's father is going to get the local guys to put in the concrete pad and pump while I am away.  I'm hoping the lanai will be mostly finished when I get back also.  They were tiling the floors yesterday and will likely be done today or tomorrow at the latest.  

I will miss the kids and the nice weather.  Took my walk in the morning and it was a crisp 65 degrees (18C) outside.  Actually felt cold this morning when I woke up -- think I am becoming like the locals as anything below 70 degrees seem cold.  In Kalifornia, we break out the shorts when it got into the 60s...555

More later as it time to pack some things and get on the road.

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