Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hectic couple of days

Desert at Oishi....yum yum
Since my last post, its been a crazy and hectic couple of days in the Mango.  Had a great dinner and then hung out a bit with JW and BB night before last.  JW decided he was going to Patty after all and so we said our tentative goodbyes, unless he changes his mind and comes back to the mango.  We pigged out at Oishi and then went next door to the McDonalds to hang out, oggle the girls, and chat. A pleasant way to spend the evening in the mango.

Spent most of yesterday at the dental clinic and seeing my doctor at BNH.  Ended up with a through cleaning and two cavities filled.  Seems like I have a couple of more cavities left so a followup is scheduled for next Monday morning.  My old dentist left and she was replaced by a younger and much more attractive dentist.  Gentle hands too as I didn't feel any pain at all during the filling of the cavities.  Spoke decent English as well.  My internal medicine doctor changed and filled my prescription for the four months that I will be away for my heart surgery and recovery.  No major changes in condition, still alive and kicking at least for now.

In the afternoon, I went to the bank to get my automatic debits filled out for the resort accounts. That allows me to have the utilities, phone, and internet bills automatically deducted or paid by the bank each month.  I like it because I know we will not miss a payment and it allows me to monitor the bills and the costs via the Internet no matter where I am in the world.  For those that are absent for long periods from the LOS, its an option that helps you keep all your bills current and not risk having them cut off due to non payment because you aren't here.  It doesn't apply to pre-paid mobile phones so you will have to find another method for that bill.

Marina got a special Doremon Dish, fork, and spoon set....

In the evening, B wanted to go to Fish Head since she couldn't go to Oishi the night before. Never objecting to a good meal, I said "lets go!"...555  Anyway, we had a wonderful meal and Marina was her little funny self entertaining the wait staff.  She always get special treatment at this place for some reason..555  It was a long day and we were tired and it was off to bed early.  Just another wonderful day in our little slice of paradise.  

Get ready for some Muay Thai Boxing at the resort

Tomorrow, its shopping time..again.

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