Thursday, March 2, 2017

Helping our local BIB

When our local BIB came to us in a general appeal for help to upgrade their uniforms, we stepped up and helped when many other businesses in the area did not.  These are the same guys that man the checkpoints throughout the county in the heat of the day and at night.  The government cut down on their uniform budget this year and did not give them any money for the safety vest/belts they wanted.  Being out at night with the trucks and cars makes it very dangerous if one can't be seen.  Having these vests will make their jobs a lot safer.

These guys do not operate the same kind of stops you see in the mango where they shake down motorbike riders, but are on the main roads and highways checking out trucks and cars for wanted persons and contraband.  Its a thankless job and not too well paying at that.

The police Captain came over this morning and gave me one of the vests in appreciation.  We'll keep it along with the jerseys and other goodies we've helped them with during the last few years.  Being part of the community is something we work hard at because we are still a pretty small town where most everyone knows everyone else.  It wasn't even a large donation, but its greatly appreciated by these hard working guys.

To make a long story short, we support our local BIB and they have been great to us and are doing a great job in keeping our community safe.

No, we don't get pulled over at the checkpoints except when they want to socialize and say hi...

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