Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Home on the range..

Yep its home again and it feels nice.  Got back yesterday afternoon after a leisurely drive from the mango.  Made a couple of stops, including one at the 71 Export shop inside one of the PTT gas station rest stops.  71 Export is a shop that specializes in overruns, seconds, or otherwise acquired clothing that is usually exported to the European or American Markets.  You'll find well known brands at really great prices but one must check the garments to be sure the flaws are not going to be something that will make them unwearable.  I like to shop at these kind of shops because the regular Thai clothing does not fit me.  Aside from the sizing, which is two sizes smaller than western sizes, the Thai market clothing is made for slimmer body styles.  I lost that slim body years ago!  Found a bunch of short sleeved dressy shirts for the upcoming warm weather.

After some rest, I went out to see the progress of the drip system that B's father was working on.  To my delight, its almost all done except for the timers.  The timers are my responsibility and they are still on route from China to Thailand and might not get here for another week.

timers are going to each branch of the Tees when they get here

PVC from the Tank to the hoses to maintain pressure

While I was away, B's father and the workers poured the cement pad, set up the water pump from the Khlong below and laid out 1700 meters of drip irrigation.  Took three men three days to layout the hoses and install the drip heads.  We took a walk-through yesterday to check the water pressure at all the plants and its going to work out just great.  We can notice already the impact of regular watering on the bamboo plants as many have sprouted canes  in just the last couple of days.

Bamboo are thirsty plants, and like lots of water

We have one more tank to set up for the resort, but we have to get the workers to build a three meter tower to elevate the tank.  Once that is built, we will have more than enough pressure for all the irrigation needs of the entire resort plus the market next door.  The neat thing is that aside from the electricity for the pumps, all the water is free and available year round from our adjacent creek.

The Lanai project is nearing completion.  The contractor is done with all the cement and tile work and only minor trim items remain.  We still need a railing and electrical fixtures to be installed and those should be done next week.

The weather is starting to get real hot again.  If all goes well today and we have some free time,  plans are for a picnic at Tat Ton Waterfall park. Its about a 45 minute drive through some beautiful countryside roads to the park.  Ella hasn't been to the water yet and this will be her first experience.  Marina on the other hand, can't wait and had a early rising time and is already asking when we are leaving...5555

More tomorrow as the kids are calling.

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