Monday, March 27, 2017

Its always like this...

When its time to go back to the mango, the weather is just fabulous outside.  Its a pleasant 72F or 25C outside with a mild breeze.  When I went for my walk this morning, it was actually refreshing. Just checked the weather for the mango, and its a bit warmer (80F) with a chance of rain.  I don't look forward to the sticky weather, but its something we just have to accept as part of living here.

I promised an update on the Fire TV box and stick operational capabilities here in the Land of Smiles. The good news is that I got everything working perfectly.  My geographical restrictions are no longer an issue because inside the list of apps provided by Amazon is a VPN service called VyprVPN.  That app can be installed directly into the box or TV stick and then just configured for a location in the USA - problem solved.  To watch netflixs, one should have a USA account.  Although Netflix does have a Thailand service, the service is limited:  

A Netflix account in Thailand will give you access to 178 TV show titles and 515 movies.  However, US Netflix users pay the same price and have access to 1081 TV shows and 4579 movies.

The VPN service costs $80 USD per  year and is good for 3 units.  Its far cheaper than any cable service and also give you the ability to use it on your computer to access blocked sites or provide an extra layer of security.  Click on the above logo for more info.

Almost time to go.  M.I.L. calling that food is ready and its time to eat.  More from the BIG mango.

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