Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lazy Weekend...Lazy Sunday

Yep, its the weekend and its almost over.  Didn't do much  yesterday except shop for tiles and 150 kilos of fertilizer in town.  It started to get hot again even though the sun didn't come out because it was down right steamy.   Things are going pretty smoothly here as the contractor is finishing the concrete bed frames for each room.  That was the reason I had to go into town - to buy some more glass mosaic tiles for the sides and headboard.   Also it was time to start fertilizing the bamboo plants which are going crazy after the last rain storm.

Heard from Johnnie Walker yesterday that the Bangkok International Motorshow is going to start next week. He and Bangkok buddy were doing the rounds at Mega Bangna. Schedule permitting, I think I may go visit and shoot pictures of the 'pretties' like I always do.  Actually, its a neat place to visit if you like cars, motorcycles, and other motorcraft. There is also a section where you can buy accessories for your vehicle as well.  The neat thing is that its all in one place so you don't have to scramble all over Bangkok to see the latest and greatest or to get something you want.

The 'Pretties' are one of the big attractions of the show..
The event is held at the Impact Arena, just north of Bangkok not far from Don Muang Airport and will open until the 9th of April.  Here is a slideshow from a previous show for new readers of this blog.

Today, I will try to wrap some things up as tomorrow we are scheduled to return to the big mango.

This is Marina's idea of the "Big Mango"
Have a nice weekend and see ya all in the big mango............

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