Thursday, March 23, 2017

Magnet for strays...

In the last two weeks, we've picked up two stray dogs.  One I just discovered this morning and its taken a liking to me and is following me everywhere.  Tiny little mutt is obviously just a puppy, but seems like it was been bitten and scared but in otherwise good health.  Why us?  We have a nice resort with lots of trees, water, and cover from the hot sun.  There is food and the company of two other dogs on the why not?  They think its a jungle paradise.

Would you keep this stray mutt?

Don't know what we are going to do with this mutt yet, there are no animal shelters or pounds around here and we are definitely not dog eaters like some in the other surrounding countries.  Its a refugee, or should I call it an illegal alien?  Do those terms even apply to stray dogs who just wander into your home and refuse to leave?  Not implying people are like dogs, but I see the same dilemma we face as compassionate beings for the welfare of other forms of life - especially those of the same species as ourselves.  We could take the dog, lock it outside and tell it to go away - but it refuses to leave. Where else would it go..down the road or likely be run down by the fast moving cars?

If the circumstances were such that we had lots of dogs and not enough food and resources for them, then we would treat the situation differently than now, where we have plenty of space and food.  So, I think the answer is to wait a couple of days and see what this mutt will do.  Maybe it will just wander down the road back home or his owner might come by to look for him/her.  It doesn't seem like its making any trouble with the other dogs and is definitely a cute pup.  It might even be that an owner that is leaving the dog at our footsteps like an unwanted baby in a basket..whatever the case its our problem now.

It's going to get the extreme vetting treatment for a couple of days.,,,555

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