Friday, March 17, 2017

Mango Pie

Why Mango Pie?  Because being back in the Mango has been a wonderful delight.  For one thing, the choices for eating out are unlimited and the food is good too.  Won't go into all the details but dining out with Johnnie Walker and then the family last night was really nice.  Bad for the waistline, but really nice for someone who has been upcountry for a spell.  

I also spent some time shopping yesterday at MBK for some phone accessories and clothing.  Was disappointed by the clothing stores, but the place is still the best if you want something for your phone or a new phone.  Had a vegetarian lunch at the food court and even pigged out at Dunkin Donuts after I got tired walking around.

Played around with my Amazon FireTV stick yesterday.  Found out I could install a VPN right from the stick's apps menu.  Using the VPN app, I can now see all the geographically restricted stuff without having to do the special router installation.  Bought a one year service for VyprVPN for $80. Not a bad deal for what it opens up from a TV and movie viewing experience.  I will do a more comprehensive blog post on how to set up everything in the future so you will not miss anything from home when and if you decide to relocate here to the LOS.

Might go out to Khlong Thom market today to get some things for my Truck in California and maybe new seat covers for Vanna.  Will also look at some of the gun shops as well since I am in the area. Lots of accessories for guns like leather holsters and laser etched wood handles can be purchased by tourists, but its almost impossible for a non citizen to get a gun legally.  

Lastly, plan to go to the Friday free buffet tonight.  BB should be getting back from Patty and JW said he was also going to attend.  Should be fun.

That's it for now, too much to do and too little time...

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