Friday, March 31, 2017


Did some chores yesterday and then went shopping for our home defense pistol.  The process has been a fairly long one with lots of forms, waiting, and some generous 'tea money'.  For a foreigner to own a gun legally in the land of smiles, its almost impossible.  For Thais even, its an extremely trying process.  For the record, the gun is not my weapon but belongs to the resort and is registered under B's mom's name.

Snow Ice at the Old Siam Shopping Mall in Bangkok
If you are in a relationship with a Thai woman, one of the first things that you will notice is that nothing serious starts until you eat first and start off with a full stomach.  So it was the case on this day as the first shop we found was a desert place in the mall.  I must say however, that it was a very good idea as I had a small breakfast and the thought of a sweet snack sounded very appealing.  The shop is called "Snow Ice" and their stuff is worth a special visit if you are in the area.  The three of us, especially Marina, had a very big smile on our faces afterwards.  Contented, we were ready for bear.

The good news was that we found our item and was able to buy it and take it home with us yesterday. Like most item in Thailand, especially expensive ones, there is always room for negotiation in price. So it was with the 'Art of the deal' approach that we took as we sized up the gun shops near the Old Siam shopping mall.  This is the cheapest place to buy a gun in Thailand and there is the widest selection here as well

We got the gun that we wanted, 12 rounds of good ammo, a holster, and some cleaning supplies at a very, very good price. I won't disclose the exact amount or shop, but it was not too far above the discounted police and government prices.  It helps to visit as many stores as possible, have some police friends, and lucky for us there were quite a few shops with the exact model that we wanted. We might have even gotten a special ordered version as it had a stainless steel barrel instead of the standard barrel.  Had all the Sig markings so it wasn't a forged or aftermarket part.  Salesman didn't know too much about it so it was to my advantage regarding the options, versions, etc.

Took it easy last night and today, a visit to the Motorshow is on the calendar.  More tomorrow.

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