Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The big mango awaits

Got into the big mango early afternoon yesterday and right away went off to do some shopping for supplies and stuff for the resort.  After that, I was a bit pooped out so I took a long nap which turned out longer than I expected.  It was a long day, starting at 6 AM with my exercise and walk so it was justified that I took it easy...or was I just too darn lazy?

Today, its chores and errands before meeting up with JW and BB for dinner at Oishi in the evening.  JW might stay in BKK or he might go on to Pattaya.  As of yesterday, he said he had not made up his mind yet.  Whatever the case, it will be good to see them both again and dine at one of my favorite places.

Tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment at BNH after going in early at 7AM to give a blood sample, and then its off to the dentist for a cleaning and exam.  Luckily its all in the same hospital but that will completely take up my entire morning.  

This is what we are shopping for

Either tomorrow or Thursday, B and I will make our rounds to the gun stores to finally buy our home protection handgun.  We have the Por 3 in hand with all the required signatures and designation of gun type, bullets, caliber, etc.  We just have to pick out the actual handgun and then the store will send the papers electronically (eFile) to the authorities and we will be legit. The Por 4 will be sent directly to us later as our record of legality. I wanted to get this all done before I left for my heart operation and to spend enough time with B and her mother teaching them gun safety and how to shoot.  We are in a generally safe area, but its in an isolated area and sometimes the women and kids are alone at night and they need to be ready should the circumstances dictate.  Also have to set up the gun safe that I carried over from the US so that the gun can be safely  and properly stored in the resort.  I take gun ownership very, very seriously, no matter if its here in the LOS or Kalifornia.

If all goes well, a trip to Fantasia Lagoon waterpark at the Mall Bang Khae is on the schedule later in the week. Promised it to Marina and I really liked it last time too.  Its located on the roof of the mall and is only about a 30 minute drive from the CBD.

Then its the Bangkok International Motorshow.  Too much stuff to do, so little time...

Times a wasting...time to finish them chores before dinner.

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