Friday, March 24, 2017

Thunder and lightning this morning plus Star Tiger Zoo

Its thunder, lightning, and heavy rain this morning.  So heavy that I didn't even bother to go out for my morning walk.  With the rain, there is a welcome drop in temperature and its a cool 26C outside with a light breeze.  Its been a strange year weather wise.  Normally, this time of year is hot enough to cook eggs on the asphalt and the air conditioners are running day and night trying to keep up.  But this year, the hot spells have been interrupted with spells of rain and cool weather.  Kind of refreshing really and would save a lot of water during Songkran.

This kind of pattern also means that the humidity goes way up and the apparent temperature or heat index is a lot higher than what shows on the thermometer.  It was only 38C all the way back from the zoo yesterday but it felt like it was over 43C and today, its 26C with a nice breeze.  Our timing was perfect for the outing  yesterday.

Took the family to Star Tiger Zoo and Waterpark in Chaiyaphum.  What? Where?

It won't make the top list of attractions of anyone visiting the land of smiles nor will it likely be on anyone's list at all.  But if you have kids and are visiting our neck of the woods, and its hot (which is most of the time), you definitely want to make a stop here.  As described in the name, this place is a Zoo and Waterpark and the Zoo part is pretty nice, although small.  There is a nice assortment of animals like tigers (White and Bengal), giraffes, monkeys, exotic birds, etc.  Its in the middle of nowhere, but it was a lot better than a zoo some tour guide tried to take us to outside a big city in China when I visited a few years back.

Kids can feed some of the barn animals and birds as food is sold next to each display.  There was also a huge pond of 100 pound carp that would make these huge, booming splashes as they tried to grab the food.  Link here if you want to see the video of the huge fish.  The zoo cost us 170 baht for the whole family. Caution, double pricing here as its 100 baht if you are a foreigner. Also, there is an additional charge for the Waterpark so the whole adventure cost us 300 baht for admission. You can't go to the waterpark only.  Inside, there is food, suit rentals, and space to change and shower.  

Plenty of lounge chairs in the shade - just add a cold iced tea and massage and its heaven
The bigger attraction is the water park.  In a area where its hot and in some places, far from a swimming hole, a water park for the kids is a godsend.  Its a small waterpark by most standards, but there is enough to keep most younger, pre-teen, kids happy.  There are water slides and a shallow kid's pond and playground for toddlers and bigger slides for the older kids.  Heck, even Sevenwinds took to one of the slides to accompany Marina as she was a bit scared.  If that sounds like a lame excuse, it was, as she was the one encouraging me to go with her not the other way around.  Anyway, it was some precious father/daughter time that is priceless.

A wandering moat goes around the entire park

Swim and sit at poolside for a cold drink if you want
Lastly, our little 'dog problem' resolved itself.  After I made the post  yesterday a big commotion was heard later in the morning.  Evidently, one of the dogs took exception to the little guy and started a fight, and bit him.  It was not a serious injury or bite, but it gave the little guy a message that he wasn't wanted so he continued his journey down the road to the next group of houses.  Good luck little fella, hope you find your way home.  Funny how things in nature kind of take care of themselves if you just let it run its course.

Ella having a blast with Grandma at the kiddie pond

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