Monday, March 20, 2017

Two months....

Almost two months to the day, I will be on the operating table in Cleveland getting my heart operation.  As the date draws closer, each day means that much more to me as I rush to enjoy life to the fullest in the big mango.  I don't know what the future will bring after the operation, and the activities I will be limited to during the recovery period, but right now I want to enjoy doing what I can.  I had a great couple of days in the mango shopping and hanging out with friends.

Went to the free buffet on Friday night and then spent part of Saturday doing some taxes before I got a call from BB saying that Johnnie Walker wanted to take us out to lunch in the Silom area. We went to a restaurant called "Peiking Restaurant" and they had a pretty decent menu.  Many of the dishes were set up for 'family style' dinners, but we each ordered a noodle dish and JW ordered three racks of xiaolongbow.

If you never had these before, they are hot pastry dumplings (originally from the Shanghai region) filled with meat and a bit of soup. The soup is encased inside the little shell and one gets a burst of wet flavor when its opened in one's mouth.  History here. The restaurant also had some tasty Chinese beef stew which I had as a flavoring to my noodle bowl.

This photo of  Dim Sum is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Afterwards, I left BB and JW as they were headed towards Pantip Plaza and then the weekend market.  I returned home to look at my taxes, only to feel tired from all the food and collapsed for a long afternoon nap.

Yesterday, we had a long day as we met up with Barnaby for breakfast at the On Nut McDonalds.  He has had some problems with mobility so we decided to visit him instead.  He looks a lot better and says his condition is improving.  We are hoping he will be joining us again soon at the Friday buffets. After breakfast, we made our way out to Khlong Thom Market.  JW was looking for a shift knob for his car and I was after some car seat covers and accessories.  After some wandering around and coffee at the market area, we headed out for a late lunch or early dinner.  

We decided to have lunch at MBK.  I always wanted to try the Bon Chan Chicken which is just outside the food center on the 6th floor.  The place always seems full and I was curious about how their "world's best chicken" tasted.  After the meal, the consensus was that it was good but not up to its world 'best' billing.   The portions were huge and the garlic fries tasty, but we all agreed we have had better.  Afterwards, we hung out in the soft seats at  a coffee shop in the basement of the center. It was Sunday, it was hot outside, and we were a bit tired so there was no better way to pass the time than to just hang out and watch the world go by inside a big mall.

Today its a visit to the archery range for some target practice and to hang out with friends there.  Also want to buy a couple of targets for the resort as I want to finally get our own range into shape.  That way, I'll have someplace to shoot when I am upcountry.

Finally, I ran across this video of our resort's construction during one of my picture searches.  It may have been published before in the blog many years ago, but likely it has been archived as I only keep about 2 years online.  Hopefully, it will be an interesting view as to how we built our resort and why we cherish it so much today, and continue to improve it as a family enterprise and eventually a legacy for the kids.

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