Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Up Country chilling out...

Left this morning and was up here around 1 PM.  The roads are fast now and I was lucky that there wasn't too much traffic as I was leaving the big mango.  Stopped at Baan Suan for some food, but the place was packed with tour buses.  Evidently, there are still a lot of people from the outer provinces of Thailand paying final respects to HRM Rama 9 as everyone was dressed in black.  Ban suan is a big place, but there were at least 25-30 bus loads of people at the place in addition to their regular business. The people looked like they were returning home.  A link to my review of this rest stop can be viewed here.  This other website on wordpress also contains my backup blog and old copies of my posts.
These are great cakes - average 50 baht a box depending on flavor

I would have just moved on but I wanted to get some of their special cakes and muffins that its not sold anywhere else.  There is also a special item in their food court that I crave from time to time that I haven't seen around.  Its a dish of  deep fried pork with rinds that is re-fried and tossed with Thai sweet and spicy chili sauce.  The flavors just explode in your mouth and the crunchiness is still intact and it just forces you to eat piece and piece.  

Stopped for some bamboo along the highway vendors near the Saraburi hill and found a couple of interesting species we did not have.  Bought 6 plants for 400 baht.  At three plants for 200 baht, it came out to less than $2 USD apiece so it was worth taking a chance to see if these will do any good at our plantation.  

Don't worry, this ugly tile surface will be hidden under the mattress and the
sides and headboard are going to done with elegant glass like tiles

When I arrived at the resort, the workers had already started on the beds.  The last guest left this morning and now all four rooms are getting concrete bed platforms.  Our previous beds from IKEA were starting to fall apart after only 3 years of use, but I guess that would be normal because the furniture is intended for home use only and not the heavy duty abuse that a rental unit will put it through. They have served their time and made us lots of money so its time for them to retire to that bed heaven in the sky.

Sorry for the short post tonight, but its already late and almost time for bedtime.  We sleep early in the countryside because we get up early.  More tomorrow as its bedtime for the kids too.

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