Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Back in the Mango

Left yesterday around 7AM and was back in the big mango around 11 AM, even after a couple of pit stops and time for breakfast.  The traffic was extremely good, doing the speed limit almost all the way in.  This was in stark contrast to the horrific traffic jams of Saturday and Sunday where people took eight or more hours for the same trip.  It was a great holiday upcountry, but this will be my last week on this end of the world until I go back to the USA and my heart operation, so I will spend it here in the mango.

After a couple of hours nap, I met up the Bangkok buddy and Johnnie Walker at Mega Bangna. Had the green light to hang out for the rest of the day as B and her mom met up with her aunt for dinner because she didn't come upcountry for the Songkran Holiday.  Ended up at the mall for over four hours before heading home to end a long day.

Activities today call for a visit to the American Embassy for a verification of income statement in preparation for my visit to Thai immigration on Thursday. 

There will be time later today for more hanging out.  I am hoping to visit the place in this video by Mark Weins.  I love good brisket of beef and going to a place that specializes in it -- awesome. Invited both JW and BB to join me, but we have yet to work out the schedule.  Time is short for everyone as JW is leaving Friday as well. 

I like to plug Mark's videos as they are really quite accurate as to great places to eat in the mango - he even did a review on one of my favorites - Fish Head Chongnosi.  More later as time as its running faster than a bullet train on a downhill dash.

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