Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Conflicting weather reports

Weather underground says it going to be clear and hot today, but the Thai meteorological department says that there is a 60% chance of thunderstorms.  All I know is that its hot outside and has been the last couple of days.  Last night, the heat index was over 100F (38C) until almost midnight.  Getting up and out the door this morning felt like I walked into a sauna.  B's father and nephew are in eternal debt to me as they no long have to manually water anything in either the plantation or the resort because of the storage tanks and the drip system we installed.

After my walk, B's father and I took a casual stroll through the fields to just check out the drip system heads to make sure they were working properly.  We both had big smiles on our faces as the work would be done in a less than an hour and we can relax for the rest of the day out of the heat. Technology is a wonderful thing to have, but it still takes money to have it installed and many poor farmers don't make enough to even get started.

The resort is full this week for the holidays.  'Foreigner visitors' or 'Farangs' have come from many places to celebrate Songkran in Thailand. There are lots of Asian foreigners that visit, but they are harder to distinguish than those from western countries. Many more Caucasian men than usual were spotted shopping at Big C which is a good thing because it means business for the area and family reunions for many of the women who may have married and left the area or the country.  B's family will have relatives visiting from Italy and Korea.   

Our electrician working on my ceiling fan
To my surprise, the electrician showed up today to install my ceiling fan.  I didn't think that he was available this week because of the holidays, but the nice guy he is, he is going to install it for me on his planned vacation day.  This guy is a great electrician and has done all the wiring for the entire place. Being a distant relative also has its advantages as he is related to B's father's family.  It will be great to have a ceiling fan on my porch, especially on those windless days and evenings when I like to sit outside.

Fan partially up

If you notice in the picture above, one of the moldings in the ceiling had come loose.  Turns out as we were fixing it, we discovered that the dangling molding had been the home to three toads.  It was a surprise to all of us how they got up to the ceiling.  After we knocked them out and redid the molding, we found out that these little critters are very good at climbing vertical walls and were back looking for their hiding spot.  

Finished fan, but notice Mr. Toad has already climbed back up the wall!
More later as B's sister and her family has arrived and kids are running around all over the place.  Its hectic and loud, but that is how I like it here during Songkran = adults and kids eating and playing together, enjoying what it means to be part of a big family.


  1. I like the safety footwear that your electrician was wearing ;) And is that an Aluminum ladder he uses to do electrical work?

  2. Ha Ha Ha, that is standard construction issued safety wear here in the land of smiles. Also the aluminum ladder is an upgrade from the bamboo ladders some of the folks around here use. Seriously, as you can tell from work around the country, safety standards are virtually non existent.


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