Friday, April 28, 2017

Feeling better but still not all the way back

After a lot of sleep, I am feeling a much better.  I started to feel a bit sick before I left the mango, but thought it was just a cough that would go away in a day or so.  Unfortunately, it started getting worse on my flight back and by the time I got into the USA, I had a fever too.  Ran a fever all night on Tuesday and slept through most of Wednesday only getting up to pick up my mail and packages from downstairs.  Last night I couldn't get much sleep either as I still had a cough. Finally, it subsided by morning  and so I was able to go out and shop today for supplies and some cough medicine (musinex dm).

After a bit of food and some medication, I'm going to go through my boxes.  In the pile, I'm hoping to find my new Chromebook.  I wanted to get a cheap setup for use at places where its to hard to blog with a phone, but didn't want the weight, price, and performance of a laptop.  A small Chromebook from ASUS fit the bill perfectly.  It was on sale at Amazon  a couple of weeks ago for $179 USD - less than most of the fancy smartphones nowadays!   

Its not going to win any races, but it will do most everything I need for 11 hours between charges.  Its going to be perfect when I go to Cleveland Clinic for my operation and hopefully later this year when I will visit the Holy Land on my semi-annual pilgrimage tour. With most of my stuff in the cloud, its makes sense that this is the solution for someone who hasn't carried a laptop for over two years.  I wanted something extremely light and thin, that can be carried and taken around almost anywhere and take a beating. I'll try to get it set up today and give it a try to post a blog entry the next couple of days.


Lastly, I have to say the trip back from the mango was great in terms of the flight.  There is something special about flying business class on an Asian airline.  Everything from multi-course meals to the special attention provided by the Stewardesses makes the passenger feel special.  In stark contrast to the UA flight incident, they seemed to really care about their customers.

More this week as I hopefully recover and get my preparations done for my surgery.

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