Saturday, April 8, 2017

Getting ready to go upcountry.....

Packing tonight for a very early morning start.  The roads have already been packed the last three days to the Northeast and I am hoping to beat the traffic by leaving at 3 or 4am in the morning.  Plan to spend the long Songkran holidays upcountry and then back for a few days before going to Kalifornia.

Spent today shopping for items to take back to the resort.  Around our parts, the lack of people in the streets was very apparent.  However, near the Chinatown area, it was its usual crowded self. Spent a few hours exploring the gun shops near the old Siam Center and picked up a few items for our home defense gun and accessories for my guns in Kalifornia.  Got a nice molded holster for only $10 USD that was made for my specific model of gun.  There are also lots of wooden grips, knives, etc. at the streetside stalls.  Also found my 'snap caps' at one of the stalls but they were really expensive relative to US prices.  The best deals for gun cleaning supplies seems to be from, which is a Chinese based website featuring lots of stuff made in China for the export market - which nowadays means almost everything.

B sent me this picture from the bus..bumper to bumper for miles
Had dinner with Bangkok Buddy last night at the free buffet and then we wandered over to the Ranch.  It was not as crowded as usual, confirming the theory that many have already left the big mango and are on the way home.  Only those with nowhere to go, or those that are local residents remain. Same is true for many stores in the mango as they are on skeleton crews.  B left yesterday and I had to stay one extra day due to my dental appointment this morning.  She said it took them over five hours to get home.

That's it for today.  More later as I need to get organized and get to bed early.  

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