Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Going to Rayong later this morning...

Don't know where this is in Rayong, but sure would like to find it!

We taking a little trip down to Rayong this morning for a short holiday.  B and I are celebrating because today is our 11th anniversary and we wanted to do something special.  Some of the Thais call it a honeymoon celebration and in a way it seem more appropriate.  Its a chance to renew and rejuvenate our relationship after all these years of being together.  It has been a wonderful ride as both of us can't believe it has gone by so quickly.  A lot has changed, especially with two kids in tow now, but we used to go to Rayong in our early days for relaxation and good seafood.  Sometimes we would meet up with a late, good friend who lived in Pattaya and his latest girlfriend and go out together.  But lately we haven't had much time to catch up with the changes in the area.

So today's post is going to be short and sweet as we will be busy the next couple of days.

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