Saturday, April 29, 2017

Posting from the new Chromebook

Its definitely a lot easier to post from a keyboard than from a small screen on your smartphone. Not as great as a laptop or a desktop, but it was never meant to compete with those devices. But in reality, this Chromebook is kind of like a big smartphone without the ability to make or receive calls.  I haven't tried any free internet calling apps, but as for regular calls via the local networks, etc., there is no hardware inside for cellular service.  

So what is this odd device good for?  Well, if you wanted a decent sized screen to surf the internet, make posts to your blog, see local videos, and do social media, this is a very cheap alternative to a full blown laptop.  Its limitations, such as not having a full OS like windows, is what makes it cheaper and more useful for many users.  If you need to do big Office documents, spreadsheets, day trading or use heavy computing, this is not your solution.  But if you do mostly surfing the net, simple documents, see a movie or two, or even play a non CPU/graphics intensive game, then a Chromebook might be an alternative to a new laptop.  Its great for the coffee houses, the airport, and even outside where there is WiFi.

Last night and early this morning (I'm on a really weird schedule), I loaded YouTube, LINE, Twitter, and most of the stuff I use on both my phone and desktop.  I added Open Office apps to read and edit Word and Excel documents online, and Open Office viewer to see all types of different documents that might come my way.  So far, I have yet to find something I needed that wasn't available from the webstore on online.

As for hardware limitations, I bought a scandisk 128G microSD when I was in the mango and that should be more storage than I will need for the immediate future.  Remember, this is NOT a laptop or desktop, but a sleek, stripped down to essentials, device that is like a tablet, but not a tablet, like a phone but not a phone, and like a laptop, but not a laptop, etc.  Its a bit of each with its shortcomings but it is the right traveling tool for me.  I think this device and a phone would handle 99% of what I have to do on a long vacation. 

Also spent part of the day downloading and reading up on Advance Directives.  ADs are instructions you give to the hospital regarding how you want to handle certain situations should you be unable to decide for yourself.  Basically, it tells them how you want to handle things if the outcome is not what you expect.  Long ago I decided that if the scenario ever came up for me, I would like to have the plug pulled rather than living the rest of the time like a vegetable. True, with advancement in medicine and in some miracle cases, things can happen, but my desire has always been to not inconvenience my loved ones and go when its time.  Sober thoughts, but one that has to be made by everyone at some point or other.  It was my time today.

Yep, she already knows how to use a smartphone!

On a more positive note, I am feeling a bit better.  My nose has cleared but I still have a bit of a cough.  I even went out for a short walk today.  Starting next week I should be back on my full workout schedule and hopefully be fit and strong before mid May. Word from home is that all is well.  I Talk to Marina, B, and Ella every day - sometimes a couple of times a day.  Miss them a lot, but video calls are a great therapy for being far away.

That's it for now.

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