Friday, April 14, 2017

Songkran Upcountry

The big raffle.  Won a nice silk shirt and some mats for only 120 baht

Marina got to pull out the lucky numbers for us
We had a relatively quiet Songkran holiday so far.  Visited the local WAT for a bit to see some neighbors, family and friends.  It was also a chance to participate in some activities like buying tickets to big raffle and munching on some free food.  We donated free ice cream for the kids for the noon hour as well as some money for the raffle gifts.  There was  dancing on the stage as loud, bone shaking live music was blasting from the speakers.  The music is so loud that we can hear it from a mile away at the resort.  But one can pay 20 baht for a dance with a pretty young girl or just dance with all the normal people for free...555

B's mother washing my feet with Marina watching

At home, we had our own water splashing and fun.  I was honored as an elder with the family washing my feet and hands and in turn getting a blessing from me for luck in the new year.  It was formal and all until B's mom sneaked up behind me with a big bucket cold of ice water and poured it down my back.  That was at the end of the ceremony and at that point a full fledged water fight broke out and everyone got soaked.

Dance to the music!
Mother nature also had her fun as around 6PM, we had a huge thunderstorm and downpour that drenched anything and everyone who was outside - putting an immediate end to water fighting for the rest of the day.  I saw it as a sign of good luck as even mother nature gave us a good cleaning with pure rainwater to start the new year.

Today, we plan on taking it easy and will likely go around to say hi to some relatives.  The plan is to head back to Bangkok very late on Sunday night after everyone has left and be back in the wee hours on Monday morning.  Until then, its more family time.

The sunglasses are part of the dress as its protection from being hit in the eye with a strong watergun...they were ready and I was the last to know.

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