Monday, April 24, 2017

Two days to a scorcher in the mango

After a great weekend, its Monday and tomorrow I'm getting on that big silver bird to Kalifornia. The weekend was  pleasant and productive.  Spent time with the family and especially Marina.  She is at such an adorable age where everything is fun and new.  Taught her how to jump off the side of the pool, which was a big deal and milestone for her and loads of fun. She had to overcome her fears with dad's encouragement and my promise to help her if she got into trouble. Bonding and trust are some of my big goals for my kids if they are going to look up to me in the future. So it was a big leap of faith for my little one to take her first plunge. Despite my low opinion of the pizza here, to celebrate her achievement we went out to Pizza Company because she wanted 'cheese' pizza for dinner.

Yesterday, I visited the Chattuchak Weekend Market in the morning.  Wanted to pick up a rolling bag for some stuff I'm taking back and buy some inexpensive gifts for parties, etc.  Didn't find much of interest and the prices were noticeably higher than in the past.  Its sad to see how the vendors are getting so much more greedy, knowing that most of the visitors are tourists.  It used to be a mix of locals and tourists, but now I would say 80% plus of the visitors are tourists that pay too much and thus driving up the prices for the locals.  Late in the afternoon, I went over to MBK for a few items like a pair of cheap bluetooth headsets, a heavy duty usb charger, and other phone goodies.  Had dinner at Ramen 8 as Marina fell sound asleep in the car after shopping.

Finally, this morning is a scorcher in the big mango.  Went out for my walk at 6:30 AM and it felt like a sauna.  Its already at a heat index of 104F and its only 7:30 AM!.  The forecast for today is 100F and with a humidity of 77%, that would give a heat index off the chart (literally).  See below:

Hopefully, the humidity will go down, but whatever the case its going to be dangerous being outside without some kind of protection or relief.  Looks like its going to persist for a couple of days so it looks like I picked the right time to bail out and head off to cooler weather.  B is heading upcountry as soon as I leave and its a lot more pleasant up there.  

Will start packing an final prep today.  If I have time, maybe one last outing before I get on that plane tomorrow!

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