Saturday, May 27, 2017

A beautiful morning in Cleveland

The sun is just about to rise in the horizon and I just had a breakfast of meusli with soy milk.  Its day 9 after the surgery and each day I can feel my body getting stronger and my stamina getting longer. Was able to not only walk around inside the hospital for my appointment in the afternoon yesterday, but was also able to walk back to the hotel from the hospital with surprising little effort.   Got my follow-up exam results and everything is going remarkably well for an old geezer like myself.  But getting to sleep last night was hard last night as I had this persistent cough that wouldn't go away.  Around midnight, I took a second round of pain killer and then slept like a baby until this morning.  Now I feel great (about 33% of normal),  Have to be careful though as I don't want to get hooked on prescription narcotics nor push too hard and rip up something I shouldn't.  Yesterday's follow-up was to get cleared to travel back to the bay area this weekend.

Will be here one more day before getting on the big silver bird back to Kalifornia.  Plan to walk around the campus a bit, and maybe visit the roof pavilion for those elusive cookies.  Last night, we went back to Little Italy for some great pasta at Trattoria on the Hill.  It felt soooo good to be doing normal things again like dinning out.  As the worn out cliche that is so often quoted says "you don't appreciate what you have until you lose it", it was great to  just dine out again, if even, for a simple dish like hot pasta!  

The other feeling I have is one which Johnnie Walker said I would have a few weeks back.  That feeling is that the 800 lb gorilla that was on my back is now gone...and any hidden stress and tension has now been replaced with a feeling of new freedom and anticipation of living life again to the fullest.  Not that things are just that simple and great as there are still weeks of recovery left, 9 medications a day for a few months, and a much stricter diet.  But those are not bad considering the alternatives.

So its a rigid training schedule every day so I will sign off for now as its almost time for the  morning walk.

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