Friday, May 5, 2017

A week already

Its already been a week since getting back to Kalifornia.  Needless to say, its been a busy one and rightly so as I get ready for Cleveland.  I've been shopping for things that I will need the next two months that might be heavy and hard to get as I won't be able to drive for 4-6 weeks after surgery. Not supposed to lift anything heavy either so that kind of limits what I can re-supply on my own by just walking.  Fortunately, this area is abundant with restaurants, stores, and facilities in walking distance. I even have an IKEA within walking distance of my condo.  That means the worse case scenario is Swedish meatballs for six weeks...555

Eating right - no fast foods for now

Also am preparing physically by walking 45 minutes every day and now on alternate days I hit the weights in the afternoon at the condo gym in addition to the morning walk.  I want my cardio and muscles to be in as good a condition as possible so that they won't waste too much when my activities are restricted.  Thank God, I have no symptoms that prevent me from exercising before the procedure.  I will take precautions to not overdue it and be rested by next weekend.  Also changing my diet a bit to speed the process of losing some unhealthy weight.

I'm reading a lot to also prepare mentally for the challenges after surgery.  They say its normal that I'm going to not have an appetite, be moody, and feel tired. I will second guess my decision to have the surgery if things take longer than expected and  I might even go into depression. Might even have hallucinations from the medication.  Knowing all those things in advance will help me deal with the situations as they come up - so all you readers be prepared too..555  Never know what kind of person will come out on the other side of the surgery!  For sure I know I will be bored already...being used to an active lifestyle and having to sit around a lot will really be a change. But in the long run, the outcome will hopefully be worth it.

Started packing some stuff yesterday and deciding on which bag to bring. The situation is compounded by the changing weather in Cleveland as its colder than normal. When I was working and commuting between Texas and Kalifornia, I got by a whole week with one roll-on suitcase.  The challenge is to go two weeks this time with even less weight and stuff.  The only solution is the perpetual bag approach, which is to bring clothing that can be quickly washed and drip dried.  But that also offers a challenge in that I may not be in the mood to wash and hang clothes after surgery.  Anyway, I will check on laundry service at the hotel as that will be my plan B.  Plan C is to ship the whole bag back from the hotel with UPS.

Everything going well at home.  Talk to B and the kids twice a day on video.  They like the new feature in LINE that allows you to alter your face during the call.  That's its for now..


  1. Are you going to be all by yourself? No family member to help you get through this?

    1. Older brother will be there for a couple of days and a couple of close friends might go by as well. Will be just fine.


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