Thursday, May 11, 2017

Busy but feeling good.

So far the week has been busy, but that's good as the weekend is rapidly approaching.  Didn't realize it was mother's day this Sunday, so that's a little bit more I have to prepare for before getting on the plane.  Made arrangements for pickup to the airport on Sunday.  Shuttle will be here at 5:15 AM and will be at the airport no later than 6AM, one hour before my flight.  Can you believe it costs $29 bucks for a one way, 10 mile trip on a shared shuttle?  Complain as we might about taxi scams, that 270 baht ride from Suvarnabhumi is really dirt cheap compared to the bay area.

Spent the last couple of days on business, including a visit to the now completed JV project. Business looks good at the center although one of the retail centers opted not to open a new store, but instead will continued to pay rent.  It seems like the company is short on capital and will likely be taken over by one of its competitors so they are holding off on new store openings.  Just as well because it will be less wear and tear on the property if they have to redo things.

Yesterday, I applied for a special shuttle program for seniors and ADA individuals in our area.  This program provides low cost door to door rides ($1) to anyplace in the city.  Don't know if I will need to use it, but I signed up for it at our local senior center anyway.  There is a free shuttle service called Emery-go-round that takes people to various points in town too, including BART so that will be the first option.  My hope is that I will be cleared to drive in 3-4 weeks after surgery.

Stumbled on a great blog post by an Alaska Expat that is living in Thailand that also had a heart procedure done at Cleveland Clinic a few years ago.  It describes his experience there in great detail and like everyone else, provides glowing compliments to the staff and doctors there.  The link to his blog post is here:

Look at all of those FAT frogs!

Talked to B last night and she says that it raining a lot upcountry.  It looks like the rainy season started a little early this year but its a welcome relief from the hot weather.  When it rains, that means it frog season to the locals.  During heavy rains, the frogs in the ponds and lakes come up out of the water and are easy pickings for capture.  B went out with her newphew and father to get some the last few days and they are having BBQ froggies every night....555.  I must say that these frogs are tasty when I've had them, but they are a bit of work to eat.  Delicious meat which tastes like mild, moist, fat free chicken...yum!

That's it for now.  Some housework, laundry, and paperwork scheduled for today.

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