Monday, May 29, 2017

Early morning California time........

Its almost 5 am, my normal wake up time in Kalifornia.  In a great mood and feeling OK.  Going to gently ease into my daily walking program and mix that with lots of naps and good food. Weighted myself this morning and found that I lost almost 8 lbs since the surgery.  A large part may have been due to the medications they gave me, but I think also because they severely restricted what I had to eat afterwards.

Anyway, to lighten up this subject a bit I've included a clip from one of the late Robin Williams shows.  It was my doctor who worked on Robin Williams at Cleveland Clinic for a totally different kind of procedure -- he had his aortic valve replaced plus other issues and was in pretty bad shape.  Obviously he recovered well enough to survive many years after this, but his comedic take on this process is pretty funny, so here it is to brighten up your morning.

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