Monday, May 8, 2017

First day of School

It was only preschool, but it was still school.  Yesterday was Marina's first day of school.  Can't believe that my precious little girl is at this milestone of her life.  It seems like just yesterday that she was a little bundle, just barely bigger than my hands in the hospital.  She will turn four in June, but we found a great preschool where they take younger kids and offer an exceptional program.  This is hard to find upcountry, but we found out about it through one of the other parents.  Its not cheap and thus the students are mostly from well off local or foreigner parents in the area.  The classrooms are very nice and well equipped and the student to teacher/teacher aid ratio for the young kids is an amazing one to one.  

B took Marina to school and stayed there a few hours to make sure she was OK.  Near the end of the morning, Marina was already telling mommy to 'go home and come back later' to pick her up when school was done..555 When I talked to her this morning, she had a big smile on her face and said she was looking forward to school again tomorrow.  She had brought home some stuff and was already doing some 'play homework'.

These twins are smart.  Can already read and write at second grade level

The other little girls in my life are my twin grand daughters.  They had their 5th birthday party over the weekend at a park near their home.  It was a 'Princess' party, where all the kids coming to the party are dressed as little Princesses.  A special appearance by Queen Elsa the magician was the highlight of the day.  It was so much fun to watch them as they were led through a host of activities on the grounds.  I am such a lucky guy with these special girls in my life.

Spent time with them afterwards and caught up with them on various things.  Agreed to a date for the red egg and ginger party for the newest grand daughter Kaitlyn.  After a dry spell of nothing but boys in the family line, we are now flushed with girls galore so everyone is overjoyed.  It will be the weekend before I return to the mango, and hopefully fully recovered from my surgery.

And finally yesterday, I attended the wedding of my nephew's son.  My nephew has just finished treatment for cancer, and the year before he had a heart attack that required bypass surgery.  Part way through the ceremony, one of the groomsmen passed out.  After he was revived and taken off by the EMS people, the wedding resumed.  Word we got was that he was fine (passed out due to hunger and exhaustion) and the rest of the wedding went off without further incident. Had one of the best roast beef dinners at a wedding in a long time or maybe I was just really hungry???

That's all for the weekend.  This week is crunch week already as one week from today I will be undergoing testing in Cleveland.  Lots to do in a short time, but better busy than sitting around second guessing and worrying about things.

Life is great...just go out and grab it by the horns and hang on for the ride!

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