Friday, May 26, 2017

First night out of the hospital

Day 8 after surgery.  After getting out of the hospital yesterday I was really hungry.  For the period during my stay CC, they kept me on a very strict diet.  Low everything, including taste, and low portions too.  After all, it was a contributing factor to my problems, right?  Not really, but that can be debated another night.  Decided I wanted some Chinese Food.  A quick look through the internet and I found a place called LI WAH (Reviews here) in Cleveland's Asia Town.  They are located in a small Asian mall and have a large seating area,  They are supposed to have great dim sum, but it was late and I was through a lot during the last week.

Anyway, hopped an Uber ride to the mall and we (my support team of Godmother, church friends, and family) had a great dinner.  Needless to say, I was happy and gobbled up my food quickly.  It was good, the portions large, and the wait service friendly.  Ended up paying around $60 when all was said and done and typical of many suburban Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area.  We also had enough food for lunch today as well as some snacks.

Anyway woke up feeling great, took a shower, dressed, and will be ready for a short walk in a few minutes after posting on this blog.  I have a follow-up appointment this afternoon, but I really anticipate no problems going back to Kalifornia on Sunday.

Could not have done this without friends like you and all your positive encouragement and support.

Life is great and life is good!  Living it to the fullest throughout the world. 

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