Sunday, May 28, 2017

Going back to Kalifornia today....

Pizza, medications, and a chromebook....a lethal combination of today's lifestyle components

Its 4 am in Cleveland and I just got up and couldn't go back to sleep.  I'm excited to go back to the Bay Area.  Besides, I was asleep by around 9 PM anyway after gorging on a large pepperoni pizza for dinner.  Last night was the third 'bad' dinner in a row after surgery, but I think my body is trying to tell me I need lots of energy and building material to repair itself after major surgery, and to not worry too much about its exact contents at this point.  At least that excuse sounds good right?  Once back in Kalifornia, there is a large stockpile of healthy food waiting for me even though I did have some stuff here.  Its not the same when buying stuff to keep in your condo vs buying stuff knowing you are in a hotel room.

Day 10 feels good.  No chest pain from the full sternotomy but the leg where they harvested one of the veins for the bypass is still sore and stiff.  In fact, I would say it hurts more than my chest when I walk.  Supposedly, they used a 'Minimally invasive" approach to getting the vein, but if that was 'minimal", I would hate to see what a 'normal' harvest looks like.   

No shorts for avoid grossing people out or getting bombarded with questions

I have a gigantic black and blue bruise that runs from the knee joint up to my groin on the inside of left thigh.   Researching the web indicates that its normal for lots of people so no worries about this issue for now.  The bruising and scaring could have been a lot worse if done the traditional way.  Otherwise, I have been very lucky as there are no unexpected complications except the few hours of Atrial Fibrillation on day three after the surgery.  Because of that incident, I have to take a blood thinner (warfarin) for the next three months to reduce the chances of a stroke, due to pooling of blood, if  the A-FIB comes back (it hasn't).  I know A-FIB is a big problem for some OH or MI heart surgeries.  One of my Thai golf friends who underwent valve repair is still having to deal with it, and its been over a year and a half since his surgery.  If it can't be solved, he might need more drastic action, like an external pacemaker.  A-FIB is the medical term for an irregular heartbeat (faster, slower, and/or out of sinus or regular rhythm).  I think its the heart's way of telling one that they didn't like what it just went through...555

Interior portion of the pavilion
From the outside, one can see downtown Cleveland in back and Lake Erie on right

My own 'high tea' yesterday

As for my recovery program, I took a couple of walks yesterday to the hospital, including to the roof pavilion for those 'elusive' cookies.  Struck out again, but I did have a chance to sit and admire the great view and give thanks for having more time on this beautiful planet.  I ended up rewarding myself by getting some cookies, on my own, downstairs from the au bon pain bakery.  In all, I took four 20 minute walks and two trips to the local Rite-Aid on the shuttle.  I did feel tired at the end of the day, so it must have been good and I do feel more energetic for the flight back today.

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