Monday, May 15, 2017

In Cleveland

Posting from my room in Cleveland.  The trip over was very smooth.  Everything like clockwork starting from the airport shuttle.  Was lucky too as I was the only passenger in the Van. Traveling on mother's day was a blessing as the airport security was fast and the plane left on schedule.

Came to Cleveland via Chicago midway.  Haven't been here in years and it looks like they have expanded it a lot.  Was a zoo.  People everywhere and long queues for the dirty bathrooms.  Noticed that the gates were also packed with no seats to sit and wait.  Taking Southwest Airlines is like riding a bus...only this bus flies instead of rolling along the highway.  Sat next to a guy who brought his own hard liquor and virtual reality glasses.  He appeared that he was on another trip of his very own.

You call this a meal or snack? 

Also got a reminder about the lack of food on these flights.  I should have known as I use to take SWA once every other week on business.  But its been a few years and I've been spoiled by the great service of an overseas Asian airline like EVA.  Had a package of crackers and some peanuts for my meal...555.

Now that's what I call real food

But during the stopover in Chicago, I found this place called Real Burgers.  And boy where they real, and real good too.  Nothing compares to Midwest beef...must be the grass.

Got into Cleveland around 4:45pn local time and was met by the limo driver provided by the hospital. They provide two way limo transport for their patients from the airport if you are from out of the state. After checking into the hotel, I scanned the neighborhood for restaurants and stores.  I knew that there was a CVS nearby and both a Burger King and McDonald's too.  A Vietnamese noodle restaurant was within walking distance but it was boarded up and closed.   Walked to the CVS for some supplies that I did not want to pack and also bought some water and juice.  I was rushing to get back to the hotel because I had to eat before 8 pm due to a requirement to fast before tomorrow's testing.

Main Building of Heart Center at Cleveland Clinic
Starbucks is popular for both staff and visitors

From the hotel, I walked to the main building at the clinic.  Its a huge sprawling complex and within its bowels is a food court of sorts, two coffee shops, and a few gift shops.  Decided to have dinner at one of the food stalls called Moe's Southwest grill.  Mexican food, but coming from Kalifornia, it didn't meet my standards at all - plus it was expensive.  Too much junk food for today already.

Anyway, I'm back in my room chilling out and reviewing my schedule for tomorrow, posting on my blog and sending Marina off to school.  I'm one hour ahead of the LOS now and the data service on my phone is great so its just like being there.  

B's father went fishing at the pond across the resort this morning.  See his catch in the photo below.

Cousin Bow holds up fish as Marina looks on

More tomorrow after the first day of testing.

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  1. Hi Craig,

    Good luck on your procedure. Glad to see you are on top of things as usual.

    Best wishes, Frank S.


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