Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Little goals to keeping moving forward

Its day 12 post surgery about 7 AM. I'm due out for a walk in a few minutes, but it is cold and windy outside so I'm procrastinating a bit by posing on this blog.  Had a pretty good day yesterday.  Had two walks, one in the morning to the local cafes and back with a stop at Denny's for breakfast.  The other was a trip to the local Trader Joe's supermarket.  I walked over to the market, shopped for some light weight goodies, and then carried the bag back with no issues or fatigue.  In all, I think I totaled about 3000 steps for the day or roughly 1.25 miles on flat ground. A good goal according to the American Heart Association, for the average person,  is 6-10,000 steps.  I logged between 8000 - 10,000 steps on my watch regularly before the surgery.  So using those numbers as a gage, it shows slows but steady progress.  Like they say, one step at a time.

Left leg still a bit swollen, but less so today.  Its definitely more flexible and stronger the more I use it.  

The goal for today is short walk in the morning to the park along the bay, then a medium distance walk to the local IKEA for lunch later in the day.  I'll save shopping inside IKEA for later as one can easily exert 10,000 just shopping inside the store!

That's the boring details of recovery day 12.  

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