Sunday, May 14, 2017

One more day.....

Tomorrow is the day.  At 5:15 am the shuttle will arrive and I will be on my way.  In a way, I am glad the waiting in nearly over.  The initial contact with Cleveland clinic started back in January.  It took nearly three weeks after I submitted all the documentation before they got back to me with an offer to do the surgery. They then offered surgery in April, but I wanted a bit longer for a trip back home. Between then now, I had that nice trip back home to the mango and spent the time with family and friends.  The time there was priceless.  By this time next week, the surgery should be completed and hopefully I will be out of ICU and in a regular hospital room and maybe blogging again!

I've been reading up on what to expect from the surgery.  There is a book out by Adam Pick called "The Patient's guide to Heart Valve Surgery".  Its very helpful as he provides both clinical and well as personal information about his own procedure.  It seems like most patients go into surgery not knowing what to expect and thus will not be prepared for its impact on their lives.  

The main takeaway is that the surgery itself is the easy part as you will be asleep the whole time anyway. Its what happens after you wake up in ICU and the weeks of recovery afterwards that is going to be the greater challenge.  Most importantly, the people around you need to understand your limitations and challenges and must also set their expectations accordingly.  Being patient is the key.

Planning to go to mass this evening with my Godmother's family and then have a quiet dinner at home before going to bed early.  

Remember, starting tomorrow look for twitter updates also on @seven_winds.


  1. Best of luck to you for this surgery. I'm sure you'll do just fine.

    From reading your blog, I know your are a big Trump fan. Would love to have your take on how you think he's being doing so far.

  2. Yep, I still like Trump and I think he has done a better than average job (B to B+). The jobs numbers look good, the government ran a SURPLUS for the last two months, illegal crossings are down, ISSS in on the run, stock market is up, gang members are being arrested, we're selling beef again in China, etc., and all of that was with one hand tied behind his back because of partisan politics.

    His attempt to drain the swamp is proving more difficult than he thought (too many dangerous swamp creatures) and the liberal press is doing its best to discredit him without success. But the man has only been in office for 4 months and he has done more for this country that past admins have done in years. He'll keep shaking and hammering until they are done.

    Is he all that he promised to be? Time will tell because he still has another 3 years and eight months to go - maybe even longer. But so far, I don't think his opponent would have done anything close to what he has done. No politician does everything they promise - but I would be happy if he tried his very best at trying to make it happen.


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