Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Two Weeks to the day

In exactly two weeks, I will be entering Cleveland Clinic for the start of a series of tests that will eventually result in me getting admitted for heart surgery.  They already sent me a detailed schedule of the tests, times, and locations in my orientation package.  Its a three day process in which tests will be followed up by a meeting with the surgeon and his team on Wednesday.  On Thursday of that week, I will go in at 6am and be prepared for surgery.  The surgery will be done sometime in the morning and hopefully I will wake up in ICU in the afternoon.  At least that is the plan.  Should be in the hospital about five days if all things go well.

In the meantime, far from being worried about surviving the operation, I am planning on what I am going to need for the two weeks that I will be in Cleveland.  I will have family and friends with me for a couple of days but they are scheduled to leave on the day I am released from the hospital.  The plan is to stay in Cleveland about five more days to recover and then check in with the doctors before heading back on memorial day weekend.

After that, its about six weeks of recovery and if all goes well, I will be returning to the land of smiles in July.  There will still me some limitations as I understand my sternum can take up to a year to completely heal and bear the full weight of some activities.  That will put things like archery on the back burner for a bit and maybe even flying kites with my team.  Better those restrictions than having major heart issues down the line.

As for the last few days, I did have a chance to attend a couple of social activities.  The spiritual director during our last pilgrimage was ordained a pastor of his parish and I wanted to attend to give him my support and thanks.  Also attended the first communion of my Godmother's great grand daughter.  

This weekend, I will be attending the birthday parties for my twin grand daughters.  It will be their fifth birthday and I will also have a chance to see my newest grand daughter, Kaitlyn, who was born just two weeks ago.  Small family events, but great because it allows me to stay connected to family and friends even though I live so far away now.  

Back on the home front, B took Marina to get measured for her school uniform.  She is going to order three sets, plus some kind of athletic/sport suit.  I can't believe my little girl is going to attend pre-school. She seems ready for the experience even though she won't even turn four until next month.  B and I have said to each other so many times "I wish she would never grow up from this age" as we just adore her sincerity, innocence and view of the world.  She will surely change as she gets older - especially after she starts to attend school.   Well....there is still Ella and she is growing fast and looking more like Marina every day...

That's it for today.  Busy week and next week won't be better.  

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