Friday, May 12, 2017

Will also be using twitter when I am in Cleveland

Decided to use Twitter as well as blogger when I depart for Cleveland.  The reason for expanding is so that I can do less typing and keep my messages shorter.  Being the long winded person that I am, using blogger only encourages me to say more.  More is not always good, especially if its boring stuff or repeating the same old things.  

So while I am away for my surgery, you might want to check out what's happening at my twitter handle:  @seven_winds (underscore between the seven and winds). If you don't have a twitter account, that's ok as I will try to post what I can here on blogger.  I found that with twitter, I can do updates quite easily with my smartphone, PC, or tablet.  

Spent some time repacking again yesterday.  Looks like the weather in Cleveland is going to be nice while I am there having surgery.  It won't be so nice when I arrive, but later in the week, the temps are going to be in the 60s, 70s and 80s.  That creates a problem of what to pack as I was preparing for cooler weather.  But the best plan seem to be to pack layers so that I am ready for anything.  Its not quite so simple as the clothing has to be non constricting and if I have a full sternotomy, a shirt that buttons instead of being a pullover (i.e. Tee shirts).  Threw in a couple of Hawaiian shirts for some color and to brighten up the situation.

Lastly, word from home is that things are well.  The 'official' start of school is Monday the 15th, but Marina is in pre-school and not part of the National calendar.  Parents all over Thailand are rushing to raise money for tuition, uniforms, and other expenses.  I guess when you have to personally pay for your education, one values getting a good education that much more.  Even the public schools require parents to provide kids with their own uniforms and supplies so everyone has a stake in the success of the kids.  My big regret is not being home to give Marina a big hug and kiss before sending her off to school each morning.  But that will hopefully change when I get back in July.

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