Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Between weeks three and four

Thursday will be four weeks since the actual surgery and supposedly 2/3 of the way to full recovery for whatever that means.  On Thursday, I plan to start driving again on a limited basis. I've been starting the truck every week in the parking lot and moving to different spaces without any pain or apparent restrictions so hopefully going to the local market and or Target Store won't be a big deal. Primarily trying to avoid any issues regarding insurance coverage should I get into an accident - namely why did I go back to driving so soon.

Have been continuing to walk everyday and easily top 8,000 steps.  I am almost walking at the same speed as before surgery and walking the same route and distance as before.  Not quite back to normal as I can feel a tenderness in the chest and a low level pain if I try to do too much with the upper body. No other issues as even my cough has almost completely gone away.

I credit a lot of my fast healing to  fresh Pineapples.  Believe it or not, I think that eating the fresh pineapples each day has helped both the incision to heal faster as well as cure my sinus problems thus curing my cough. The Bromelain in the pineapple acts to reduce inflammation and promote healing.  In fact, many people are taking Bromelain supplements in place of pain drugs like Tylenol, etc. It also helps reduce joint pain from Osteoarthritis.  I was a skeptic, but the results speak for themselves as I am positive it has made my recovery easier and faster.  By the way, the canning process destroys all the Bromelain enzymes so eating canned pineapples or drinking canned juice does not have the same benefits.  It must be fresh, fresh, and fresh. Also the core (the section most people toss), has the greatest concentration of Bromelain.

The local team did it!  The GS Warriors are the NBA Champions again.  Celebrated last night by ordering a couple of team jerseys.  Got one of the Curry and another of the Durant jerseys and will wear them when I do my daily walks in the land of smiles.  Won't wear them here in this area as I might end up dead somewhere with no top on....5555

Precious Ella is now 10 months old..
Just household chores today and maybe a visit to the local market.  Counting the days for that ride on the big silver bird back to the land of smiles.  Will get at least, to be at Ella's first birthday party!!!! Boy has she grown up to be a pretty baby.  Going to need a shotgun around to keep the young boys away...555.  Life at home is great, but its just that I'm not there.

I am missing all the fun.......555

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