Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Day 19 Post surgery

Not much to report on the recovery today.  Walked 8,778 steps yesterday, second highest since my foray over to the IKEA and then Target.  The increased steps is due in part to me putting in almost the entire route of my previous daily walk plus the addition of an afternoon visit to Starbucks and Trader Joe's.  Think I will tone it down a bit today.

Spent some time trying to set up my T-mobile Digits apps.  This new app allows one to have a single number for all your android devices, thus integrating your mobile phone to your devices.  When someone calls your cellphone, it will ring on all the devices that are connected to it.  The other feature is that you can call out from any of your android devices and the call will be routed to your cellphone number and it will show your cellphone's callerID.  The last step I have to fix is to integrate my smart watch and I will be totally integrated across all my devices.  To do that, I have to go to one of the T-mobile stores.

On the home front, B went out yesterday for a little 'practice'.  Looks like I taught her pretty well, she didn't close her eyes...555.  No immediate danger, but I encouraged her practice often and to be comfortable to use the gun if its necessary for self protection and protection of the family.  The bad guys are going to have a big surprise if they try to mess with us...555

That's all for today.  Doctor's visit tomorrow and hopefully next week, he will give me clearance to drive again....Yeah!!!!

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