Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Found Marina's box of toys....

We finally located Marina's box of toys.  It was sent last month before my heart surgery for her birthday next week and never arrived.  The tracking shows that it cleared customs and left Bangkok's main post office and was on its way to delivery in the country.  The tracking was wrong and it never arrived.

So I started a inquiry and claim process for the package here in California and lo and behold, they 'found' the package. Its currently stuck in airport customs in Bangkok, so someone lied about it leaving the facility.  They never sent out notification regarding how to claim the package to us at the resort and if it weren't for my followup and claim for insurance, it would have stayed there until Thai customs declares it abandoned.  They must really like the toys.

Anyway, B is in the big mango with her mom visiting her aunt and went out to claim the package. She had to go to the police first to get a report that the notification form was 'lost' (even though the customs people could never produce a copy of the notification).  Then when she got there another problem surfaced.  Since the package was addressed to Marina instead of her, she needed Marina's birth certificate to prove that she had the legal right to get the package.  Well, the birth certificate is back at the resort - its not something that one carries around everyday.  Plus it has to be the original and not a copy.  Anyway, B is going to take the bus tonight and do a flip flop to get the document and be back in the mango tomorrow.  We are determined that Marina is going to get her birthday gift.

I've heard many horror stories about Thai customs but this is my first experience where things are so mucked up.  All the other times, the stuff goes right through and nothing is ever missing.  I guess someone really liked Marina's toys and wanted them for their kids or maybe its just a change of policy that requires someone to come all the way to Bangkok to claim a package.

The toys are special however.  They are hard to get and come all the way from England, plus they are on the expensive side. Never heard about the characters until Marina got hooked on watching them on YouTube.  She previously was a Peppa Pig fan, and got lots of toys from me for that series.  Four year olds get bored fast and well now, she likes "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom".  Anyway, here is a sample of the series - warning, don't let your kids get hooked on it or you will be buying some expensive toys....5555  The series was originally released back in 2009 in the UK by the same company that produced the Peppa Pig series.  Many of the character voices are the same people as well.

One of the many sets I sent her...would you believe its $37 USD?
On the recovery front, I am doing well.  Still walking every morning about 2 miles and then another 1 1/2 miles for the rest of the day.  I seldom go under 8,500 steps and can do most things like  before my surgery.  My chest is still tender and I won't be lifting anything heavy for a while, but other than that, its great to be back.  

The chest incision is still very visible, but my left leg has gotten a lot better.  The bruising is almost all gone as well as the discoloration.  It looks like I will be able to wear shorts again when I get back to the Land of Smiles!  Will still have a couple of scars on the leg, but can't complain about that considering where the veins went.

Less than a month left before the jump over to the mango.  Can't wait as I miss home so very much.

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