Friday, June 9, 2017

Found out when it hurts

Found out yesterday what actions will make my sternum hurt.  Its not a sharp pain, put a dull pain over a tender feeling area of my chest.  When I extend my arms and do things for a length of time, such as folding laundry, it  begins to ache.  Found that out yesterday about 1/2 way through my laundry.  Definitely won't be painting or doing other extended arm stuff for another couple of weeks now that I am aware of exactly what motions are painful.  Walked 8,892 steps yesterday, the second highest in the last couple of weeks.  Felt good this morning as I just completed my morning walk.

Kinda bummed out because some toys that I sent out to Marina for her birthday are missing in the Thailand Postal system.  The package was insured and had tracking but its status show that its been in transit from Bangkok main post office to Chaiyaphum for over a month now.  Anyway, I've filed a claim and an investigation, but that does me very little good in getting Marina her toys for her fourth birthday.  Guess I will have to buy them again and hand carry them over in July.  These were special as I had to order them from the UK.  In the past, packages to/from Thailand have been very reliable and fast.  Don't know what happened this time, but I sure hope they find it as its a lot of time and trouble to order all the stuff again.

B got back to the resort yesterday and says its raining a lot there.  Definitely a strong start to the rainy season in the land of smiles.  I read in the news yesterday that until Bangkok opens the new flood tunnels, that a repeat of the situation from a few years ago can happen again.  Many places in Bangkok still flood when there is extended rainfall and its good to have extra shoes when you are visiting this time of year.

That's all for today.  Looking forward to a quiet weekend - or maybe not as the Warriors are on the verge of sweeping the NBA playoffs tonight.  

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