Thursday, June 15, 2017

Four Weeks

Today is a big milestone for me.  Its been four weeks since my surgery and I am planning to drive again after undergoing a rapid recovery.  Normally, the conservative driving interval is 6 weeks, but I've seen ranges from 3 weeks to as much as 8 weeks.  Naturally, a lot depends on the individual as everyone heals at a different rate.  A lot also depends on the condition of the individual prior to surgery as well as the healthier the person is prior to surgery usually results in a more rapid recovery.  I was fortunate that I did not have any symptoms prior to the surgery and was able to exercise and get into good shape just prior to me leaving for Cleveland.  Its also around four weeks before I head back home as I wrap things up here for this trip.

Still continuing my morning walks and have been averaging 7,500 -8,800 steps per day with my pace steadily picking up.  Hope to do the long route starting next week and by week six, I want to be back at my previous cardio levels.

Even though I can drive today, I am staying far away from the Warriors victory parade in Oakland.  They are expecting more than 1 million people in downtown Oakland, same as it was three years ago.  Just saw on TV that people are already on the parade route - some got there as early as 7 AM.  I like the Warriors, but not enough to brave 1 million fans in downtown Oakland after just four weeks of recovery from open heart surgery...

Plans are for a pleasant father's day weekend and then I will slowly prep and shop for goodies to bring back to the land of smiles.  Request for buddies in the LOS:  Don't ask for me to bring stuff this time around as I will be limiting the weight of my single bag to just essentials.  I will gladly bring stuff on my next trip back for you!

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