Monday, June 12, 2017

Lazy weekend.......

Not much happening for me this weekend except that I went to the movies on Saturday.  Things are going well on the recovery front and I am walking over 8,500 steps a day on a regular basis now. Totally off pain medication for the last few days and I am expecting to drive around a bit starting next week.  I can feel a 'sensitive area' at my sternum, but no pain unless I sneeze or cough and apparently no restriction in movement so driving locally should be OK.  I think I will leave the freeway driving for another week more.  I feel sensitive now because I believe the nerves that were severed are reconnecting and feeling is starting to come back to my sternum. 

After 6 weeks, my weight restriction of lifting less than 5-10 lbs will be lifted but I am going to still take it conservatively for now.  I might use my 5 lb dumbbells for a week or so to see how that will feel. Giving myself a lot of time even though I feel really good.  Don't want to make the mistake of doing too much too soon and have a relapse or hurt myself or worse yet, get admitted again for emergency surgery.

Look into my eyes.......

Saw The Mummy on Saturday at an afternoon matinee and downloaded Wonder Woman the other day. My son's Transformer movie will be out soon so it promises to be an interesting series of Summer releases.  Still, its just killing time as I am homesick every time I call back to the land of smiles and talk with my kids.  I see Marina off to school via video every morning and talk to her before bedtime. I am going to miss Marina's 4th birthday this year and singing happy birthday over the phone just doesn't seem to have that personal touch.  Will have to double everything when I get back and have a bigger party when she turns five!

That's all for my boring weekend.  Today after my morning walk I will need to get my blood tested again in order to calibrate my Warfarin dosage.  I have small veins and unless a real good technician is present, they usually have to poke and bruise me several times in order to get a sample.  Hate doing this, but getting the proper dosage is critical to avoid big problems.  Keeping a positive attitude towards recovery and making small achievable goals is the best path towards a speedy recovery.

Lastly, the Bay Area is GS Warriors crazy.  Flags, T-shirts, and signs everywhere in anticipation of the team bringing back a NBA Championship.  I know some of the hospital staff at the Cleveland Clinic were die hard Cav fans, so its a series which has something for everyone.  One pilgrimage friend of ours, Mr T., has been smiling ear to ear for the last few years.  He works as a representative for the company that owns the manufacturing and distribution rights for all the licensed merchandise for the team. Needless to say, he and his company have done extremely well financially as the team rose in standing and prominence.  So its time for Sevenwinds to get with the program.....Go Warriors!

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