Saturday, June 3, 2017

Lazy weekend planned....

Not much one can do if you can't drive.  Sure there are stores in the neighborhood and a nice park nearby, but its not quite the same.  But its going to have to do as the recovery process is just starting its third week and there are still many limitations from doing normal things.  Still not 100% back physically and that aspect won't be for another month or so but I've recovered enough to do the basic things like care for myself and have a platform to get stronger each day.  The key is patience and not to push too hard and fast to get back to normal because a setback will likely occur.  All the material from Cleveland Clinic and all the information on the internet says, "Take it slow and steady" so that is likely what its going to be.

Walked 6,133 steps yesterday and met my goal for this week's daily step total.  That included a trip to one of the local mom and pop markets in the morning.  The only report on the recovery front from my local cardiologist was to stop taking my warfarin for the time being as the test results indicated that I might be taking too much because my INR was too high.  Have to take another blood test on Monday to see if the levels have stabilized before he can set the proper dosage.  I was told at Cleveland Clinic that this would be necessary because they saw a spike in my INR after the first few times I took it and wanted me to be monitored by my local cardiologist.  Warfarin is a blood thinner and too much can cause uncontrolled bleeding and other issues.  Its being prescribed to me only because I had that one incident of Atrib Fibulation on day 3 as a precaution to avoid the possibility of getting a stroke if it comes back.  It requires testing once a week for INR levels to match the dosage.

As to pain, as I said before, the leg where they took the veins for the bypass hurt more than the chest incision.  It sometimes gets swollen during the day and I had to ice it down a couple of times yesterday.  Its is getting a lot better and most of the discoloration has gone away.  They say it could take a couple of months before the leg returns to normal but its all part of the process.

That's it for today.  Plans are to walk, attend mass tonight, and then go out to dinner with friends at a Chinese restaurant.  Trying my best to resume normal life and living life to its fullest.

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