Monday, June 5, 2017

Lazy Weekend...Lazy Sunday.....

Its Sunday and I'm feeling a bit lazy today.  I did do my morning walk and am already at 4,643 steps before noon.  Plan to maybe go over to the Trader Joes and/or Starbucks down the street later in the afternoon and that should put me over the 6,000 step goal for today.  I feel like sitting on a beach chair somewhere in the LOS and soaking up some heat, but that won't be possible for another month or so.  Miss my kids, miss B, and mostly miss my life in the land of smiles.  

There is nothing but coverage on the London Bridge attack on the cable channels and our prayers and condolences go out to the victims.  This is the third time in three months and something needs to be done besides just talk from politicians.  My position is already well known on political correctness and I won't expound on it more on today's blog post.

Word from home in the LOS is that the big fish are out.  With the recent rains, the pond across the resort is full and the creeks feeding it are running strong.  That means that the fish are active in migration and getting ready to breed.  B's father went out the other day and landed these fish.  He was a fisherman for many years in the area and still can bring them in when others can't.

A beer bottle is included in the above picture for perspective as to the size of these fish.  They are great eating fish with large bones.  Great for Tum Yum Pha!  These pictures make me miss home that much more as by the time I get to go back, the fishing season for these guys will be over.

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