Monday, June 5, 2017

Losing weight.......

Weighed myself this morning and I'm down over 12 lbs since entering surgery.  Even though I have been trying to eat more lately, it doesn't seem to help and I lost another couple of pounds this week.  I was a bit too fat anyway and I like my leaner look now, but I have to check with the doctor this week to see if this is normal.  I've seen some info on the net that says a heart repair can restore or enhance metabolism so I'm hoping that it just that.  Prior to heart surgery, I found that even with careful menu choices and limited quantities, I was still unable to lose weight.  So lets hope that with my new and healthier heart, I can finally get things under control.

Walked 7,431 steps yesterday.  After the morning walk, I took an afternoon trip over to the local Starbucks for a lemonade.  It was good to sit outside and people watch for a while as the weather was absolutely perfect.  Felt really good too so I went over to the Trader Joe's across the way and bought some fresh foods.  Found some fresh pineapple slices and read that its a super food for people healing from bone and other injuries because it contains bromelain and manganese, both which are helpful in building new tissue and bone.  If only I was in the LOS as its quite expensive relative to the street price of 20 baht in BKK.

Not much else happening here as the boring recovery process continues.  A visit to the blood lab is on the books for today and then more walking, etc.  I saw some videos on Tai Chi forms yesterday and think that I might supplement my walking with some of the basic movements that involve the upper body so it will not get wasted due to the lack of exercise.  No lifting weights at the gym for a while.  Its also a very low impact and graceful kind of exercise that will help my flexibility as I go through these few weeks of gaining strength again. What do you think, will it help?

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