Thursday, June 1, 2017

Milestones and some appreciation

Walked through Bay Street...lots of changes 

Cozy IKEA Restaurant with view of Highway 80

What had to be Swedish Meatballs!

I had two goals and milestones yesterday.  First was to walk over to the East Shore Park trail head and the other was to make it over to IKEA for lunch.  Was able to do both, and in the process got reconnected to my local neighborhood again.  I even walked over to the Target Department store after having lunch at IKEA.

My chest was a bit sore yesterday because I switched pain meds to avoid any dependency on the prescription medication which was an opium derivative.   I am down to 1 or 2 Tylenols for pain relief and its seems to be enough.  Still had my cough.

Today, I am going to see my doctor and have reserved a free door to door shuttle to his office. Unfortunately the return scheduled is booked until 6 pm so I will likely take Uber back to the condo. Want to take it easy today to give my body some rest.  More activities tomorrow.

After a bit of shopping at target, caught Uber for a ride back

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