Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mobility again.....

Feels really good to be able to drive again.  Made a trip for lunch and even visited Costco yesterday for some supplies.  Living in the Bay Area without a car is very difficult but its doable.  But having a car and driving makes life so much better - especially the next few days because we are finally getting some summer weather.

Still walking everyday.  In fact, had one of my highest step counts yesterday - 10,359.  Even on the first day of driving, I had over 8,000 steps so the driving is not compromising my exercise schedule.  

On the recovery front, I have been totally off any kind of pain medicine for over a week, but my sternum is sensitive to the touch and certain movements quickly remind me that I had surgery in that area.  I can feel the fabric on my chest now and plan to wear a chest protector when I drive.  Likely need to do this for a few more weeks just to be safe.  Found an inexpensive sternum protector for those who are riding offroad bikes and it works great.  As mentioned previously, I think the nerve endings are rebuilding and I should be expecting feelings like tingling, itching, etc as they grow back.  

On the home front, Marina is sick and missed school yesterday.  She has a cold or the flu as she is running a temperature and had a runny nose.  Its inevitable that kids get sick when they start school and not only that, they bring it back and get everyone else in the family sick also.  I have to be careful when I get back to stay healthy as the last thing I need is to get the flu during the last stages of my recovery.  

Lastly, I've been ordering some linen clothing to bring back with me to the land of smiles.  I can't play golf for the next few months and so my usual outfit of a polo shirt and shorts is going to be replaced with some linen tops - beachwear.  Linen is a very unique product and is used often in tropical and hot climates like we have in the land of smiles.  Made from flax instead of cotton, its supposed to keep the skin 3-5 C degrees cooler than other fabrics. The only issue is that they wrinkle badly, but I don't mind because I'm not working anymore, not out to impress anybody, and everyday is a vacation day.  For a more formal setting, I can always wear something else.

There are lots of father's day sales underway and I was able to pick up shirts from with multiple discounts as they are offering a 40% off sale on their entire site in addition to their sale prices.  This is great for me as I will not be able to get this kind of clothes in the land of smiles due to size and style limitations.  Here is the link to their site:   Don't worry about ordering as they are a division of Perry Ellis International.  Tommy Bahama and Orvis also has many shirt styles made from linen and they can be pretty cheap on eBay. Will test a couple of  them the next few days in the warm weather we are getting.

The Tommy Bahama Beachy Breezer

That's it for now from DubNation  Have a wonderful weekend.  

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