Thursday, June 22, 2017

No heat wave here.....

There is a lot of news regarding the record heat that we are seeing in different parts of the country and around the world.  In the UK, they are experiencing record temperatures in the mid to high 30C range while here in the Southwest, temperatures like 47C to 48C are likely.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we have a very unique condition.  We have micro climates that can vary the weather by 20C in just a 40 KM distance.  We can have temperatures near 40C inland, and if one drives towards the coast, it will soon be in the 20C range.  Its not at all unusual during our summer months for this to happen because of our unique geography.  In fact, one used to easily spot the tourists to the big city because they were the ones freezing in shorts and wearing San Francisco sweatshirts they bought in desperation.

For example it will be 42C inland (about 25 KM) and only 26C for highs today along the bay. Having grown up along the coast during my childhood, I liked the cooler weather, but since living in the land of smiles the last few years, I miss having some heat once in a while.  I enjoy being in shorts and going out without a jacket which is a treat for us coastal dwellers.  And the San Francisco Fog, while beautiful in post cards and Tony Bennett's Song, can be a real drag if you live here.  So...I'm counting the days.

Tomorrow will be five weeks to the day since the operation.  Walking 2 1/2 - 3 miles a day in the morning and then having a pretty normal day.  Still sensitive near my sternum, and that won't get better for another couple of months according to sources.  Will wait until after week six and then will gradually increase my heart rate during the exercises.  All in all, my recovery is coming along exceptionally well and should be near normal when I get back in mid July.  I actually feel like I'm in better cardio shape than before the surgery in many ways.  Weight training will have to wait a bit more.

On the home front, I get pictures and talk with the girls a couple of times a day.  Definitely homesick but not much I can do until I get all the medication sorted out and a final exam from the doctor the first week of July.  Marina will be four in a couple of days and I'm sad that I can only participate at her birthday party by video conferencing but I promised her another 'special' party when daddy gets home.  I hope she will understand and remember how much I wanted to be there when she grows up.

They are both growing like weeds and I regret the time I spent away from them, but it was a blessing in disguise because I could have had major heart problems later if the issue was not taken care of early.  I believe what I went through added many many more years to be with them.

Time for some breakfast and to get ready for that morning walk.

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