Tuesday, June 27, 2017

One of My Email addresses was hacked

Someone hacked one of my email addresses during the last two weeks and has been sending out spam for a porn site.  Found that out this morning when about 100 emails bounced back because of some kind of error in the mail formatting.  When I investigated further, it looks like someone started doing this about two weeks ago from phony locations all over the world.  So if you received a spam email from me during the last two weeks, I am sorry if it offended you.  Its looks like they used my userid to send their spam to their own mailing list for the most part so hopefully most of you who are on my contacts list didn't get anything.

The passwords have been changed and I also put in some additional security measures so hopefully that will keep them out.  There is a recent activity option in Yahoo mail that shows who, what, and where the last log ins were.  That's were I found out the current hacker was using my ID from Russia. Once I found out, I quickly changed all my Userids and hopefully it was soon enough to prevent further loss of data.

Had a quiet weekend.  My OnePlus 5 didn't come in on Friday but its due to be delivered today. Once I have it I can begin to migrate my apps and data over to the new phone.  It will likely be the phone that I will bring and use when I get back to the land of smiles.

On the home front, B tells me that they have finally opened a movie house in town.  Previously, we had to drive almost an hour and a half to Korat if we wanted to see a current movie.  Now we have a place in town!  The big kids went to see the new Transformers 5 movie and it cost them only 50 baht !  Don't know the quality of the movie screen or sound system, but 50 baht sure sounds like a bargain.  The also have a new Moo Ka Tat buffet place near the theater as well.  Its all you can eat for 199 baht.  Bangkok used to have many of these restaurants, but word got around about them and too many big eaters put almost all of them out of business.  From the pictures, they have a pretty good selection of seafood and other items.  Will definitely sample the place when I get back and do a complete review...555

Lastly, this Thursday will be the six week mark of my recovery.  Based on the info they gave me, the first phase of recovery is over and the weight I can carry and many other restrictions (such as driving) are lifted. However, the warning of caution is given that don't do any sudden or violent movements (i.e. sports) for another month or so, depending on how the sternum feels.  Have a lab test today and about 2 more weeks before my final exam with my cardiologist and then its back to the Mango!

Feel so good that I might go the the county fair this week.  I believe that Thursday is a free day for seniors....can't think of a better way to spend time outdoors than at the county fair.

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