Friday, June 30, 2017

Six Weeks Post Op

Today marks six weeks since my open heart surgery. Its supposed to be the end of the first phase of recovery but fortunately for me, I've progressed a lot faster and better than planned.  Also lucky that I did not have any complications or other side effects that many others have had.  I believe a lot of it had to do with the doctors and facility and also the fact that I was healthy and active going into the procedure.

I experimented a bit today gently swinging a golf club and pulling back my lowest weight longbow and I was able to do both gently.  Think however, that I am going to wait one more week after I start my Tai Chi QiGong exercises (which I will start today) before I do any more testing of those two sports.  The QiGong will help my upper body get use to stretching and moving again as well as help my balance and strength.  I even ordered some Kung Fu pants and shoes so that I will be comfortable doing the exercises.  Also supposed to increase intensity of exercises to meet certain heart rate targets in the next few weeks as well.  Will do that in the mango and resort when I get back home.

Going to the Alameda County Fair today to just hang out and have some time outside in the sunshine. Want to try to lead as much of a normal life as possible now that the restrictions are lifted.  Will have some pics from the fair in a later post.  Plan to take the pictures with my new Oneplus 5 to see if the phone lives up to it hype of clearer pictures.

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