Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The OnePlus 5 finally came in

The OnePlus 5 arrived yesterday in the afternoon.  It was promised for Friday, but due to the demand for the early sales, it was delayed in shipping for one business day.  They sent everyone who was impacted a $5 credit, which I have already spent. As usual, their stuff was packed well and their packaging superb.  Included in the package was a tempered glass screen protector which was a nice touch.  I also purchased their ready for action 'bundle', which included headphones, a protective case, and an extra Dash charger.  The bundles were heavily discounted for the early drop sale.

Late yesterday I charged the phone and started the migration.  Used both the built in migration tool in the android OS and well as CLONEit.  The first migration tool moved the apps and I used CloneIt to move all the data (i.e. photos, movies, music, docs, etc).  It was all done wirelessly and with little problems.  It just took a while because I had so many files and the basic connection via WiFi is slower than a direct connection.  For obvious reasons, passwords and other security type stuff had to be re-entered, but most are working well.  I did lose some of my Chat history from LINE, but nothing serious.  

So far, the OnePlus 5 seems to be a winner.  Its slimmer, lighter and faster than I expected. Fits my hand really well too. Build quality as usual, is excellent.  I will review it more in a bit after I get some hands on time with the unit.  All in all, a great phone for the price!  It officially goes on sale today and can be ordered at their website:  Oneplus.net

Only a couple of weeks left on this on this bookend.  Ordering essentials as quickly as possible for my trip and plan to fly over with just one suitcase plus my carry-on.  First in a long time, but due to the surgery, I don't want to push around too much weight.

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