Friday, June 23, 2017

They don't call this place Fog City for nothing

View from my window this morning.  Can usually see Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridges
Its not quite 7AM here and last night the famous San Francisco Fog rolled in big time and its still here this morning.  As I am getting ready for my walk, I'm deciding how much clothes to put on because its cold out there!  Went from weather in the 30C range to 14C this morning.  That's how quickly the weather changes here.  The fog will be a welcome relief for those just inland of us as it will moderate their near record breaking temps.

Still recovering by walking every day.  Gained back about 3 pounds but want to keep it no more than that and currently feeling very little chest pain except when I cough or sneeze real hard.  The chest is still sensitive to the touch and I won't be pounding it hard any time soon.  

Lastly, my Oneplus 5 should arrive today.  Hopefully it won't be too hard to migrate all the apps and contacts over as I want to use it when I get back to the land of smiles.  Quiet weekend planned...maybe the idea time to play with my new electronic toys...555

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